Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fred Thompson News

Well, the news was BIG about BIG FRED THOMPSON today. I received a call from Amelia Daniels at WATE and sat down for an interview and within an hour or so Gordon Boyd of Volunteer TV and I sat down to talk about BIG FRED THOMPSON.

It is Great that the movement toward forming an Exploratory Committee is in the immediate future.

The WATE video is located, here.

The Volunteer TV story is located here.


Ronald said...

Now that we know Fred is going to run (win), how do we sign up for his SC campaign?

Devil's Advocate said...

Check out this Pro-Fred Thompson Article I wrote titled, "We Need a Lazy Politician."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brian I googled Fred Thompson and came up with your site. My wife and I were at a Rudy rally today in Jacksonville and we found out that he's NOT a supporter of the FairTax. Does Fred support the FairTax? Right now we are on the fence. It's either Mitt or Fred. Thanks for your help.